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WordPress Gallery Plugin Strategies For Beginners

With an image gallery, you can showcase your photos visually appealingly, arranged in a grid-like structure of rows and columns. This conserves space on your website and enhances the user experience by allowing them to navigate through the images easily. Numerous WordPress gallery plugins are available; it is surprisingly simple to create a gallery using the platform’s built-in features.

This comprehensive guide delves into the world of image galleries in WordPress, providing you with all the knowledge you need to make your photos stand out and look their best. So get ready to take your website’s photo display to new heights!

Selecting a theme 

When building a platform to sell photos online and potentially those of others online, choosing a suitable WordPress theme is the initial step. Fortunately, numerous exceptional photography themes for WordPress offer a stunning platform to showcase your work. 

Some of these photography portfolio themes have been designed to work seamlessly with eCommerce plugins, making adding a shopping cart to your online gallery effortless. A limited number of these themes even allow other photographers to join your site and sell their work on your site, transforming it into a virtual marketplace.

Using a theme specifically designed for eCommerce compatibility with popular WordPress plugins can provide a seamless shopping experience for customers. In addition, these themes often come with pre-designed pages for the online store, such as the shopping cart and checkout pages, that match your site’s overall look and feel.

When selecting a theme for your online store, it’s a good idea to prioritize one with built-in eCommerce compatibility. This enhances the consistency of the user experience and eliminates the need to create these pages from scratch, saving you time and effort in the setup process. Furthermore, these themes are optimized for eCommerce functionality, ensuring your store runs smoothly and efficiently.

Create a marketplace

One of the benefits of establishing a platform where users can register and showcase their merchandise for sale is that it provides a quick way to accumulate a vast collection of items in your store. In addition, a diverse range of offerings can attract potential buyers, while having multiple sellers promoting their work on your platform will help increase your store’s visibility.

Depending on the setup of your marketplace, you can either earn a commission on each transaction made by your co-sellers or charge a fixed fee for listing their products in your store. The downside of having other vendors list their merchandise alongside yours is that you may miss out on some sales opportunities. 

However, this should be fine if your store boasts a fantastic array of images. If you’re considering creating a multi-vendor marketplace, some essential features to look for in your theme and plugin combination include:

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● User-friendly front-end login and submission forms

● Vendor control panels for easy management

● Integration with popular plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce.

These features will ensure that your marketplace operates smoothly and provides an enjoyable user experience for vendors and customers.

Easy steps to start selling your photos

With these three easy steps, you can start selling your photos online! Using a WordPress theme of your choice and the free WooCommerce, [1] [2] you can quickly and easily add basic online store functionality to your photography portfolio.

Configure WP iSell Photo: After installing the plugin, go to the plugin’s settings and enter your PayPal address, preferred currency, and the URL of your thank-you page. Save the changes.

Create a Gallery:

  1. Within a new or existing WordPress post or page, click the Add Media button.
  2. Upload or select existing photos and create a new gallery.
  3. Add captions if desired, check the gallery settings, and insert the gallery.

If you don’t know how to add captions to photos, it is straightforward:

● To add an image to your WordPress post, navigate to the post editing screen and click on the “Add Block” icon. Select the “Image” block option to insert it into your post area. 

● You can either upload an image from your device by clicking the upload button or select a previously uploaded image from your media library. 

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● Upon adding the image, a text box labeled “Write a caption…” will appear below it, providing a space to add a descriptive caption to accompany the picture.

Set the Price of Your Photos: Switch to the text view in the post editor and locate the gallery shortcode. To add the price for each photo, add the amount you are looking for to the shortcode. Then, preview your post to see the final result.

You can make it more appealing if you know how to caption a photo. By following these steps, you can start selling your photos online quickly! Consider exploring other recommended eCommerce plugins to add more advanced features to your store.

FooGallery is a popular WordPress gallery plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and display image galleries on your website easily. With its user-friendly interface and flexible settings, FooGallery is an excellent choice for beginner and advanced users who want to create beautiful photo galleries for their websites. It offers a wide range of features. 


Selling your photos online is a great way to showcase your work and reach a wider audience. You can build a professional-looking online store and earn money from your photos by choosing a suitable WordPress theme, creating a marketplace, and using an image gallery plugin. Remember to keep your website visually appealing, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.