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Why Custom towels are cuter than kittens!

Kittens are the best. They’re cute and cuddly. But as much as I love kittens, there are sometimes when I’d instead give people a gift that isn’t alive—like towels! Towels are easy to store and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to match any home décor style or personal taste. They’re also practical; you don’t even need to feed them! So why not give someone you care about (or even yourself) something that will last forever? Custom photo towels do just that!

Kittens are more expensive than custom photo towels!

If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank, look no further than a towel. Unlike with kittens, the cost of towels is spread out over time. You can buy an $8 towel today or an $88 towel three months from now; either way, it’s about as costly as your cat will ever get.

Everyone loves a kitten, but not everyone has space for one

Everyone loves a kitten, but only some have space for one. Kittens require a lot of care and attention:

  • They need to be fed once or twice a day.
  • Their fur combed regularly.
  • They can’t be left alone for long periods.

In addition to all that, kittens are expensive! You’ll have to buy them food, litter (for the bathroom), toys, and a carrier if you want to take them when you travel.

You can’t take a kitten to the beach

Custom photo towels are the perfect gift for anyone who loves their feline friends but also loves traveling. Traveling with your cat can be hard on both of you. You have to worry about boarding them and keeping them safe during transit (and dealing with airport security if they are allowed on flights), not to mention finding accommodations that will enable animals or even taking care of them while you’re away from home.

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On the other hand, custom photo towels are portable, so they’re easy to pack when heading out on vacation or business travel. They’re lightweight and compact—perfect for carrying in a bag or suitcase—and they don’t take up much space once they’re folded into their storage pouch. Plus, they dry quickly after use, so there’s no need special laundry services when traveling!

Kittens can’t be personalized with your photos

  • Kittens are cute, but not as cute as custom photo towels.
  • Custom towels are easy to make and can be made with your photos.
  • Customized towels can be made for any occasion.
  • Custom photo towels are a great gift idea.
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Custom photo towels make great gifts, especially if you need to give something that isn’t perishable!

Custom photo towels make great gifts, especially if you need to give something that isn’t perishable! There are many reasons someone might not want or be able to have a cat. Maybe they have allergies or asthma and can’t stand the fur. 

They don’t live in an apartment building where pets are allowed, or it simply wouldn’t be responsible for them to get a cat when they only have room for themselves. But no matter the reason, custom towels are a cute and practical way for them to enjoy their love for cats without having one around.

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