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What to Do if Your Electric Vehicle Breaks Down

Did you know that electric vehicles (EVs) have a higher resale value than traditional vehicles?

Traditional cars and trucks depreciate as soon as you drive them off the car lot, while EVs are much more stable in the long run. If you have recently invested in an electric vehicle, you should know what to do if it breaks down.

Read on to learn how to fix an electric car when it stops working!

Assess the Damage and Estimate the Cost of Repairs

If your electric vehicle breaks down, it is important to assess the damage and estimate the cost of repairs. The first thing you should do is try to identify the cause of the problem. Take the car to a mechanic or a specialist in electric vehicles.

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Additionally, if you have the funds to purchase a replacement part, you should consider shopping around to get the best deal. When you have decided on the part you need and the cost of repairs, you should take your car to the nearest garage certified for repairs. 

Have a Backup Plan in Place

A backup plan for an electric vehicle breakdown should include information about where and when to get help in an emergency. It is important to ensure that you have contact information for a roadside assistance provider or an auto repair shop close to where you plan to travel.

Have a few potential repair centers in different parts of the city if you are in a remote location when your vehicle breaks down. Ensure you know how to contact your insurer if the repair costs are covered.

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Locate a Qualified Electric Vehicle Repair Shop

If your electric vehicle breaks down, it’s important to locate a qualified electric vehicle repair shop. Start by researching reputable repair centers that have a proven track record of offering quality customer service.

Ensure they have the necessary certification and experience to work on electric vehicles. Additionally, check with the manufacturer of your electric vehicle to see if they recommend any qualified service centers. Always make sure to speak with a professional who has enough experience interacting with electric vehicles.

Consider Insurance Options to Cover Costs 

If your electric vehicle breaks down, there are a few steps you should take. Contact a reliable and experienced mechanic to diagnose and repair the vehicle. Contact your insurance provider to explore the coverage options for the cost of repairs.

Depending on the policy and the vehicle pick-up, repairs may be covered under the same umbrella that covers damage caused by accidents. 

Make Sure to Have a Portable Charger Handy

Having the portable charger handy can prevent a total failure of your vehicle in certain circumstances and could save you from having to call for a tow truck or roadside assistance.

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Also, keeping your charger with you and your vehicle will help you prepare for unexpected moments, such as if you need to make a detour or have to wait an extended period for a repair facility. 

Explore Everything to Learn About An Electric Vehicle

The key is to be properly prepared for a potential breakdown by ensuring regular maintenance, using the emergency response system, and enlisting the help of a professional mechanic.

Know the basics of what to do if your electric vehicle breaks down and returns to the road in no time. This way, you’ll get to know your vehicle more and ensure greater reliability.

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