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Violations That Can Land A Truck Driver In Legal Trouble

Thousands of people suffer severe injuries and even fatalities due to truck accidents every year. Truck accidents are usually more potent due to the massive weight and more pressure on the truck when compared to smaller vehicles. The injuries and property damage in a truck accident can significantly impact the victim’s life, considering the intensity of the accident. Nevertheless, it does not stop truck drivers from being negligent or driving recklessly. Fortunately, there are laws and rules to at least compensate for your economic losses sustained in the accident, like medical bills and repair expenses. 

Even though the emotional, physical, and personal losses cannot be compensated in a truck accident, you can at least get financial aid to ensure healing ultimately. Make sure to contact an Ontario truck accident attorney as soon as possible so you can deal with the insurance company and get fair compensation.

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Driving under the influence of alcohol 

Several truck drivers tend to drive under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes when truck drivers have to cover a long distance in a short period, they consume alcohol to avoid falling asleep. However, a drunk truck driver can potentially threaten those traveling around them on the road. Drinking alcohol slows your response time, which can become an accident hazard if the truck driver does not apply breaks on time. 

The truck driver might start speeding or apply brakes suddenly. This can cause severe accidents resulting in fatalities or life-altering injuries to victims. Additionally, driving under alcohol also messes up our overall body functioning, which can risk their and others’ lives around them.

Therefore driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a violation of the law for truck drivers and other drivers. If you see a truck driver showing evident behavior, you must contact the police immediately and inform them about the drunken hazard. Moreover, lookout for truck drivers buying alcohol at rest stops and notify the authorities immediately.

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Fulfilling sleep requirements

A tired truck driver is a potential threat to several lives on the road. A common reason for the increasing number of truck accidents is the drivers not being well rested. Most states have rules regarding the sleep time of truck drivers to ensure they are completely alert while driving on the road. Sometimes truck drivers have to travel long distances. However, they tend to drive non-stop without any breaks to complete these distances as soon as possible. 

The tiredness from driving non-stop decreases their ability to focus on the road and keep a watch on all the vehicles around them. 

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