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Tips to Work With PDFs that will Increase your Productivity

PDFs, or Portable Document Format files, were founded by Adobe in 1992. Over the past two decades, their popularity has grown exponentially. Today, millions of users worldwide rely on this versatile document format for daily tasks such as storing, managing, editing, and sharing documents.

1. Modify Text in PDFs

While PDFs are not inherently editable, you can make changes using PDF editing tools like Adobe Acrobat. With these tools, you can edit, delete, or move text, change fonts, and even work with scanned documents. Another option is to convert the PDF into an editable format, like a Word document, for easier text modification.

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2. Merge Multiple PDFs

Simplify document management by merging multiple PDF files into a single file. Tools like Adobe Acrobat Online or third-party applications allow you to combine PDFs effortlessly. Whether you need to merge similar files or insert images into a PDF, there are various options available to streamline your workflow.

3. Add Digital Signatures

Signing documents digitally is easy with PDFs. Use e-signature applications such as Box Sign to add your signature securely. These tools often provide additional features like text fields, signing order settings, and the ability to share signed copies. This is particularly useful for legal documents and agreements.

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4. Extract Pages from PDFs

If you only need specific pages from a large PDF, you can extract them using PDF editors. Adobe Acrobat, for example, allows you to extract individual pages while preserving comments, annotations, and form fields. This is handy when you only require certain portions of a document.

Implementing these tips will enhance your productivity when working with PDF files, making document management and editing more efficient.