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The lip filler craze – is it worth it?

Today everyone is getting lip filler, especially in big cities like Vancouver. But, some may remain skeptical. If you are wondering whether or not you should get lip filler and if it will be worth it, there are some essential factors to consider. This article will explain the main questions to ask before getting lip filler.

What type of lip change are you looking for?

When getting lip filler, it’s essential to understand how much filler it takes to make the change that you are looking for.

If you are only hoping to create more symmetry with your lips rather than totally change their shape or fullness, then a small amount of dermal filler will probably do the job.

But if you have small, thin lips and want to get Russian lip filler, more filler will be required. This can, of course, increase the price of the lip filler service.

Famous words to describe lip filler shapes include:

● Russian lips

● Cupid lips

● Classic lips

● Round lips

● Hollywood lips

● Angelic lips

● Heart-shaped lips

● Downward-turned lips

● Wide lips

● Heavy lower lips

● Heavy upper lips

● Full lips

● Bow-shaped lips

And so on.

As you can tell, the meaning behind these terms can be interchangeable or interpreted differently by different people. So when you go in for your lip filler appointment, show your injector a clear photo of what you’re looking for.

Your injector may make suggestions of what will look good on you. It’s wise to accept their advice. You won’t want to come out with outrageous, cartoonish lips or lips that make it hard to eat and drink. Sometimes lip filler shape is dependent on your current physical anatomy. It can only change to a certain degree with lip filler injections.

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Consider a fat transfer if you want a long-term change to your lips. However, this can be an undesirable choice because of its permanency.

The cheaper, safe alternative these days is hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in our bodies. For example, Juvederm Volbella is a high-quality dermal filler designed specifically for the lips, and it is made with hyaluronic acid. Others go by different names, but the best ones last the longest.

The thing that’s useful about hyaluronic acid lip fillers is that they can be dissolved if you don’t like them.

And, if you do like them, they dissipate within about 6 months. This is a good thing! This means that you can ask for a change to your lips on your top-up appointment. With lip filler, you won’t be indefinitely committed to one shape of lips.

What are you spending on beauty perks already?

An important point to consider when deciding whether or not to go for lip filler injections is what you are spending on beauty already, especially for the lips. There are so-called lip-plumping serums out there. Some work better than others. But none will give you the dramatic effects of ideally injected lip filler.

When you get your lips done, you’ll have long-term “wake up and go” lips that need a touch of lipstick, if any, to start your day.

While you’re at it, do you want a Botox® lip flip too?

When you go in for a lip filler appointment, you may be offered a Botox® lip flip. Botox® is not the same as a dermal filler. Instead of adding volume under the skin, it acts as a muscle relaxer. 

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When Botox® is injected in tiny amounts around the upper lip area, it can force the lips to curve outward a little. That way, your lips can appear fuller, even if no volume has been added. This method also treats a gummy smile at the same time.

It will likely be cheaper to ask for a Botox® lip flip at the same time as your lip filler appointment. Ask your provider if they can do a package treatment for you.

What is your pain tolerance?

The lips are a sensitive area. Because of this, it’s expected that when a needle goes into them, there will be a bit of an uncomfortable pinching sensation. 

To help ease pain, expert injectors will not only use topical numbing cream but they will also:

  1. Use a lip filler with lidocaine built into it to freeze the lips shortly after the first injection.
  2. Use a cannula instead of a needle to avoid repeat insertions into the lips (this is an advanced technique that not all injectors know how to do)

Even with the above ‘tricks of the trade’ in place, you should still expect that lip fillers will hurt a little. It’s not excruciating pain, but it’s not painless, either.

Who do you trust to inject your lip filler?

Sometimes, it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option with our purchases, especially when they are big ones. However, when it comes to injecting anything into your body or any medical procedure, going the ‘cheap’ route is highly inadvisable.

Some injectors charge more than others because of their years of experience and reputation for producing excellent and safe results. After taking courses in dermal filler injections, they attend conferences or training sessions to maintain their skillset and keep up to date with the latest methods.

The cheaper injectors may be trying to get into the industry or hoping to do a quick job without taking the time to listen to your requests and concerns and without follow-up. These pre and post-procedure steps are crucial to a successful treatment and a happy client.

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Even worse: low prices may mean cheap or counterfeit products being injected into you! These can cause serious harm if the FDA or Health Canada hasn’t cleared them. Always RUN from these cases!

Only trust trained, experienced nurses and doctors to perform your dermal injections to avoid side effects or unwanted results.

Can you tolerate potential side effects?

Choosing a qualified, experienced provider to perform your lip injections can help you avoid many potential side effects. Side effects often involve technique rather than the substance injected into you (as long as that substance is not expired, is legitimate, and is FDA and Health Canada-approved).

But sometimes, even in the best of circumstances, side effects can happen. This can be due to allergic reactions or an unexpected ‘hit’ with a blood vessel. If a blood vessel gets blocked by dermal filler, this can be dangerous and warrant medical attention.

The most common side effects, however, will be along the lines of temporary bruising, swelling, and redness. These should subside within a few days. They often have to do with the needle or cannula insertion.

Now that you know what to ask about lip filler, is it worth it?

As we’ve seen above, deciding whether or not lip filler is worth it depends on several factors. A lot of them will be personal to you. For example, what shape do you want, and what are you starting with? This will affect the price of getting lip filler. Finding a qualified and reputable provider will also make all the difference in the value you get for your dollar and your experience with lip filler. And, if you’re already spending on lip-related beauty products, lip filler may offset the cost of those fees.