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Squeaky Clean: 5 Fantastic Car Wash Tips and Tricks

As of 2019, there are around 108 million cars registered in the United States. Being a car owner comes with a lot of constant expenses, from gas to repairs to maintenance.

So one way a lot of car owners can cut back costs is by washing their cars themselves. And for those who don’t keep their cars clean, this comes back to bite them when the car can’t sell for as much because it hasn’t been looked after.

Keep reading to learn the top 5 car wash tips!

1. Use Specialized Tools

When you wash a car, the best thing to do is use tools and substances specifically designed for the task. These specialized items do a better job at cleaning a car than regular versions would. This is because they’re softer, so they’re less damaging to your car’s finish.

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Look into purchasing car wash soap and brushes to make sure you’re cleaning your car as well as you can. These are also designed to get into the small spaces and clean car detailing.

2. Start From the Top of the Car

As you’re washing a vehicle, soapy water and suds are going to drip down. This isn’t a problem when the lower half of the vehicle is still dirty.

But if you clean from the bottom up, then you have to fight against gravity and all the contaminants and suds that are going to leave streaks on the freshly cleaned parts of your car.

It’s best to do areas of your car at a time. Rinse off the whole car, then start washing the roof. Rinse this off, then start washing the windows and windscreens, then rinse this off. Keep working downwards in this cycle.

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3. Clean Carpets and Upholstery

When talking about car cleaning, a lot of focus goes on the outside of the car. But the inside is just as important.

Make sure you clean out the carpets and upholstery inside your car every time you wash it. This keeps the inside of the car in a much better condition and makes it more comfortable for you and your passengers.

Vacuuming isn’t always enough to get all the dirt and dust out. Make sure you’re brushing out the carpets, then vacuum them. If you’ve got leather seats, make sure to use a leather conditioner around every 6 months.

4. Apply Wax or Sealant

After you’ve washed your car, it’s encouraged to put wax or a sealant on it. This helps protect the finish and keep the paint on your car in a much better condition.

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But this has to be done properly. Make sure you’re following the instructions carefully when applying wax, otherwise it might not be effective.

5. Care for Latches and Hinges

Washing a car is part of its maintenance. So look at other things that don’t necessarily need to be cleaned, but can be looked after.

When you wash your car, lubricate the door hinges and hood and trunk latches.

Use These Car Wash Tips

Improve your car by using these car wash tips. You’ll keep your car clean and in better condition for longer.

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