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SecureKin Review: A Guide of Best Parental Control App

Every parent wants nothing but the best for the kids, even if it means getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. For example, parenting in this digital era is so much different. Parents have to make tough decisions to make things right. Using a monitoring tool is one of them. It’s been a while since parental control apps have been introduced for parents and many are using them successfully and have made their lives easier. There are so many apps but only some offer the best services and the SecureKin app is one of them. The app offers all the basic and advanced parental control features that can help the community in taking good care of the kids. It is now so much easier to make sure the kids are in safe company both online and offline thanks to the SecureKin app. Here is an overview of some of the exciting and amazing features of the SecureKin app. 

Real-Time Location

Keeping an eye on the kids’ real-time location was something impossible a few years before smart gadgets. But now, thanks to modern technology and tools like the SecureKin app, it is very much possible and in access to the common person. The location tracking feature offered by the app notifies the parents about the live location of the kids at any given time. You can simply follow the kids virtually on their way to school, back to school, or anywhere. 

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Filter the unnecessary content from YouTube, or any other website by using Web-filtering or web-blocking feature. It is one of the most useful and helpful features for today’s parents especially those who are worried about the internet and the digital life of their kids. The app makes things so much easier for parents by giving them the power to block any unwanted website right away. Don’t want your kid to visit adult sites or dating websites, use the feature and block that stuff right away. 

Browsing History

The SecureKin app makes it very easy for parents to know about the browsing history of their kids. Know if they are stalking any friend, searching for nudes, or finding depressed or toxic stuff online. All the browsing history is recorded by the app and reported to the parents. Even if the kids get rid of the history record from the gadget the app still saves it for the parents on the web portal. 

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Screen Time

Knowing about the exact time spent on the screen and the ability to manage and control is a superpower the SecureKin app gives to the parents. So if you are one of those parents who want to get rid of the screen addiction of their kids get the app and enjoy the screen time management feature of the SecureKin app. 

Activity Report

The activity reports notify the parents about the whole log of the app with timestamped information. Parents can even find out how many times their kids click on Instagram or Snapchat per day with the help of this feature. Find out about how addicted your kid is regarding the smart gadget life and take precautionary measures right away. 

App Block

App block is the feature that lets the parents block any app remotely. Parents can get rid of any unwanted app with just a few clicks if they have the monitoring app installed on their kid’s device. Keep in mind that physical access is required to install the app on the kid’s device. 

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Location History

The SecureKin app not only lets the parents know about the live location of the kids but it also saves the history of the location as well. This type of information tells a lot about the usual whereabouts and general movements of the kids. You can know about any secret hideout places of the kids by using both features smartly. 


Curious about what the kids are looking for on the search bar of the web browser or if they are stalking someone by searching them on every social media platform. This and much more information can be known with the help of the keystroke logging feature. It records the keypad applied on the kid’s devices making it easier for parents to know everything about the kids through the keypad. 

The SecureKin is best in this manner as it has a very simple user interface so even if you are not a tech-savvy person you can easily operate the app.