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Persian Rugs History

The history of Persian rugs is long and complex, dating back to when these beautiful carpets were first invented. The earliest versions date back to ancient Persia, where they became integral fixtures for royalty or nobility alike, who prized them just as much today despite being prevalent among many globally that don’t know their true worth!

The use of rugs dates back to ancient times. Persian rugs quickly became prized not just for their beauty but also because they could be used in many different ways, from floor coverings and bedding, all the way up to artwork!

The Safavid Dynasty

The first Persian rug was created during the Safavid Dynasty, which ruled over an empire and encouraged artists to create beautiful works of art. One such example is a delicate green handmade carpet with gold thread designs that were popularized by this era’s royalty – specifically King Abbas I (also known as ‘The Great). He rewarded those who made these types of rugs well-known throughout his kingdom; today, we call them “Safawd” carpets because he liked them so much!

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The Beginning

The first Persian carpets were made by tribes of nomads living in modern-day Iran and Afghanistan. These early rugs consisted mainly of geometric shapes with simple designs like symbols or logos embroidered onto them around 2 thousand years ago!

Over time, rug-making traditions spread to other parts of the Middle East and Asia. The designs became more complex, incorporating elements from various cultures in regions that are various countries, including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India & Turkey.

This shows how much pride people take when their country produces quality products like rugs that can find worldwide!

Types Of Persian Rugs

The variety in Persian rug design is wide and diverse. From geometrics, animal designs, or floral themes, each type has its distinct history to explore. Some of which include:

Tabriz Rugs: Tabriz is a city in Iran known for its intricate designs and fine craftsmanship. These rugs originated here, making them among one of the most intricately designed carpets ever created.

Isfahan Rugs: The elaborate floral designs on these rugs are from Isfahan, Iran. These masterful paintings were created using various ancient techniques that have been perfected over time and continue to be used today to produce this unique art form.

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Qom Rugs: The city of Qom is home to incredible rug designs that often incorporate religious symbols. These rugs come from Iran and can be found in all different sizes, with prices varying accordingly.

Kashan Rugs: The intricate designs on these rugs make them perfect for any room in your home. They originate from the city of Kashan, Iran, and are known to have rich colors that will bring life into even a dull space.

Shiraz Rugs: The ancient city of Shiraz is famous for its bold patterns and bright colors. These rugs come from this historical part, making them a unique purchase you won’t regret!

The Oldest Persian Rug In History

The Pazyryk carpet was a 5th century BCE Persian rug discovered in 1949. It’s made of wool and measures approximately 2 x 1 meter; its decoration includes animals, warriors, and mythical creatures like monsters or gods with divine powers! This old piece now lies forgotten until rediscovery by Soviet archaeologists who found it within an excavation site for Scythian tombs at the Altai Mountains border between Siberia, Russia China. The Hermitage Museum displays this priceless treasure on display.

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Price Of Persian Rugs

The cost of a Persian rug is highly dependent on its knots per square inch (KPSI). A higher number means that it will take longer to create, and these rugs are usually more costly than ones with fewer KPIs; however, there’s no hard rule for how many stitches you should shoot for when buying one! If your budget allows, go ahead and get something like this beautiful handmade design made from 100+2 count cotton threads. At just under $550 US dollars, they’re still quite affordable at even though the materials used have been considerably higher quality compared to, say, another 300+1 KC.

Wrap up

Handmade and authentic pieces are what sets Persian carpets apart from others. With Persian rugs, you will be adding something with character to your home and have peace of mind knowing that it will last for years. So these Persian rugs have a lot of importance due to their quality and strength and claim to be one of the most delicate rugs throughout the world, having a standard significance plus, these rugs are also washable, so there is no need to worry about the cleaning.

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