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latest for all is the best rewriting tool for students. What makes it different?

For students, paraphrasing is all about rewriting existing ideas to avoid plagiarism and errors. To get the most out of the spun text, students must also be careful to rephrase ideas in a way that preserves the original meaning. plays an important role in rewriting existing ideas so that students can write clearly without plagiarizing. It is an advanced writing assistant tool that works with artificial intelligence technology to help students with the writing challenges they face today.

Originally, the tool was developed to rewrite texts online, but it has evolved so much recently that it is very popular among students, researchers, and writers.

In this article, we are excited to introduce you to the latest and most advanced features of that make writing easier than ever for students.

Read on to find out what makes this so exceptional that it stands out from other programs on the market.

What’s New?’s extensive paraphrasing modes are now organized into six categories to help students write in different tones and styles.  These paraphrasing modes are:

  • Text improver
  • Near human
  • Plagiarism remover
  • Creative
  • Academic
  • Sentence rephraser

There are two new and latest AI modes here that can help students rewrite their papers: Academic and Sentence Rephraser.

Academic mode

Academic Mode is designed specifically for students to help them rewrite extensive academic papers. This advanced AI writing mode is able to transform hard-to-read papers into easy-to-read and understandable text. Your professors will think that you wrote the text yourself, as it will be more impressive and understandable.

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Sentence Rephrasing Mode

There is another mode “Sentence rephraser” that allows you to rewrite a paper sentence by sentence. It provides you with a drop-down list of rephrased sentences from which you can choose. You are given ten alternative paraphrased sentences to choose from, from which you can select the one that you think best fits your text.

Essay Generator

Besides paraphrasing modes, has recently introduced another writing tool for students: Essay Generator.

If you have difficulties writing an essay or want to avoid paraphrasing, you can use this essay generator. It is an automated tool that only asks you to write the first sentence of the essay and does the rest in no time.

It understands the intent of the essay based on the first sentence and suggests the next sentences accordingly. Besides, it offers you the possibility to write both short and long essays.

Features that make different

Plagiarism free results

Plagiarism is a major concern among students. But not anymore. rewrites the original text to make it original and unique. It changes the original text by replacing words with their synonyms or changing the sentence structure, thus leaving no room for plagiarism.  Even though plagiarism-free results in not the only thing that matters, it is substantially important. offers a Plagiarism Remover mode that focuses on rephrasing the text to avoid plagiarism.

There are so many paraphrasing tools available in the market but no one offers such clean, mistakes, and plagiarism-free results as–which is exactly what makes this paraphrasing tool different from others.

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Using its Plagiarism Remover mode, we rephrased a random piece of web text:

Here are the results of running this spun text through a reputable plagiarism checker:

There was no evidence of plagiarism. This means that provides plagiarism-free work. Thus, students can rely on the rephrase tool for their writing tasks.

Definition & synonyms of complicated terms

If you feel that words need to be replaced with synonyms, you can do so with the Synonyms and Definition function. This is another fantastic feature that sets the program apart from other paraphrasing tools.

It provides you with a list of synonyms and definitions that will help you understand the dimension of your text. Moreover, you do not need to use an additional thesaurus or dictionary for complex words and phrases.

Sometimes students find it hard to follow wordy and overly complex words and sentences, but this paraphrasing tool solves this common comprehension problem when writing.

You simply double-click on the word and it suggests alternative words or synonyms with a clear definition of the word. It helps you streamline your texts by removing unnecessary or boring words and replacing complex words with simple ones.

Generates a brief overview

Do you see the Overview in the bottom right corner? This is an advanced paraphrasing feature that can condense your long papers into shorter ones, saving you the time you would otherwise spend reading them all. There is no other rephrasing tool on the market with this unique and useful feature.

See also  Benefits of Altafiber Internet for Home Users not only generates a brief and concise summary of the lengthy paper but can also point out the main and key points of the paper. You can use this feature to generate a quick summary of your paper to see if it’s relevant and useful.

Headline generator

Headline generating feature generates accurate and relevant titles for your rephrased text. It helps you craft your paper with the most appropriate and attention-grabbing headlines.

Undoubtedly, using the best headings and subheadings is just as important as other parts of papers such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

To build a strong foundation for your essay or article, choosing the right and relevant headings and subheadings is key. With any mode, you can simply rewrite and it will generate complementary titles for you.

Unlimited free usage

There’s an old saying that big things don’t come cheap, but there is no charge for any of the features that offers to its users. You can use this rephrasing tool without spending a single penny. You do not need to log in or register yourself before using this amazing paraphrasing tool.

Wrap up can help students develop writing skills in college that will serve them well throughout their academic careers. Whether or not they plan to do the writing-heavy job manually, knowing how to write quickly, clearly, and compellingly will make your student’s life easier. is an excellent writing assistant tool for students to help them compose their papers on time. Due to its advanced and exceptional features, it helps students from keeping up with their assignments to write a winning research paper easily.