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Microsoft OneNote and SharePoint in interaction | ARC

 In addition to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, the two programs OneNote and SharePoint are now part of the software solutions from Microsoft, and OneDrive should not be ignored.

However, it can sometimes happen that Office users today are unsure when they should use OneNote and when SharePoint. Therefore, we would like to take a closer look at these two programs in this article and tell you what the differences between them are.

However, using SharePoint development tools, it is also possible to save OneNote notebooks on a SharePoint server, which we would also like to explain to you so that you can use OneNote and SharePoint together in the future.

What are the differences between Microsoft OneNote and SharePoint

There are still many users, especially in the private sector, who have not had any experience with Microsoft OneNote or SharePoint at all. But even on the company side, a number of employees are also not familiar with the differences between the two programs or have already used them.

For this reason, we would first like to briefly tell you what the differences between OneNote and SharePoint are.

Microsoft OneNote

The first version of OneNote was released by Microsoft in 2003 and the fifth version is now available under the name OneNote2016. However, the software is not part of Office 2019 and even with the online version of Office 365, users will no longer receive OneNote in the future.

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However, Microsoft is currently still offering the program separately for download, so that it can still be used, at least for the moment. On macOS, however, OneNote is still part of Office and is also included in the 2019 version.

OneNote is basically a digital notepad that lets you divide notes, link them together, and when you copy and paste sections of text into your notes from a webpage, it’s automatically tagged with the webpage it was copied from.

Microsoft SharePoint

Collaboration is probably the most important keyword after SharePoint development when it comes to Microsoft SharePoint. This is not classic software, but a web application from Microsoft. This enables users in teams, for example, to work together on projects from any location or to coordinate tasks.

In addition, however, websites for individual teams, discussion groups, blogs, portals or business applications can also be used via Share Point.

For this purpose, the software offers users six different functional areas, which also include documents. This can, for example, be imported from other Microsoft programs such as Word or Excel and then viewed or edited via SharePoint.

OneNote or SharePoint? When to use which program

Although SharePoint development includes a whole range of functions, such as creating or embedding documents, OneNote also has a right to exist. Because while the content you share with your colleagues through Microsoft SharePoint is relevant information that contributes to a project you’re working on, the notes in OneNote are more like a very simple digital notepad, or rather your digital notepad.

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Therefore, you can write down your thoughts in OneNote, for example, as you wish, or you can use the software to structure ideas. The ideas that you write down in OneNote do not even have to be something that is relevant to your work, you can also record private plans or other projects with the software and then develop them further until they are really mature.

Sometimes simple ideas turn into content that is important for your work and that you, therefore, want to import into SharePoint.

So that you can do this right away, we would like to tell you how you can do it so that you can further develop your ideas recorded in OneNote with the help of SharePoint.

How to transfer your notes from OneNote to SharePoint

It’s always possible that an idea that you scribbled on a scratch pad at home develops over time into a solution to a problem. However, the same can also happen to you with a note that you created in OneNote and now want to transfer to a SharePoint server in order to make the idea accessible to your colleagues there and to develop it further together.

All you have to do is store the respective OneNote notebook in the document library on your SharePoint server. It is important that check-in and check-out are disabled for the document library. If this is the case, you can send an invitation link by email and share your idea with all your colleagues.

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This is also the biggest benefit of storing a OneNote notebook on your SharePoint Server. Because otherwise, you would have to email your notebook to all your colleagues individually, which would be extremely time-consuming.

Fortunately, thanks to the good interaction of the two software solutions from Microsoft, this is not necessary and once you have uploaded them to the document library, you can share your ideas with the entire company and wait and see what kind of feedback you get. SharePoint development companies are assisting all sizes of organizations to get more out of these tools.


The fact that Microsoft has only been offering its practical OneNote software separately for download since Office 2019 already indicates that OneNote was simply not used enough in the past.

A program is definitely a practical tool for creating notes, which can then be subdivided or grouped in a structured manner. And in interaction with SharePoint, you even have the opportunity to share your best ideas with your colleagues and then work on them together.

We at Al Rafay Consulting believe that the use of OneNote is therefore particularly worthwhile for users who work a lot with the other SharePoint development solutions and are looking for a digital notepad whose content can be easily transferred to the other programs.