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Know More About Trinidad Valentin


Like Venezuela, Model Trinidad is famous because of the mother of rapper, Saweetie. Trinidad Valentin, Saweetie, is a model by calling. Valentin gave birth to Saweetie on July 2, 1993, when she was only seventeen years old. Even further, Saweetie was conceived by Diamonte Violet Valentin.

Who is Trinidad Valentin?

Trinidad Valentin is a well-known American public figure. She is well-known for being a model from the USA. But she is more famous for being a singer. Saweetie is a well-known American celebrity. She is a very famous and followed music star and her mother, Trinidad Valentin, is famous for her name. Trinidad gave birth to Saweetie when she was very young.

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Trinidad Valentin Early Life:

Trinidad Valentine was born in 1996 in the United States. She is said to be from a native Central Valley, California, American state. In accordance with her birth date, she is now 44 years old. Her real name is Trinidad Valentin, and she has Chinese origins.

Her zodiac sign was Cancer, and she follows Christianity. She lives with her family and friends in the countries. She has not divulged much of information about her family.

Trinidad Valentin Career:

Valentin sent Merrill F. West High School’s Saweetie to Monterey Trail High School. Afterward, Saweetie joined the correspondence and business program at San Diego State University.

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Trinidad Valentin Education:

No significant changes were observed in Wikipedia articles about Trinidad ‘s education system. Trinidad and Tobago’s parents remain dissatisfied with the national public education system. El Doradoya Saweetie, the teacher, was the only individual to speak about either Trinidad’s or the literacy rate of Trinidad.

Know more with below information:

Where is Trinidad Valentin from?

Trinidad Valentin was born in Santa Clara, California.

What were Trinidad Valentin s videos about?

Trinidad Valentin appeared in the music video for Nelly s Ride With Me.

What is Trinidad Valentin s husband s name?

Trinidad Valentin’s spouse is known as Johnny Harper.

What is Trinidad Valentine s famous daughter s name?

Saweetie, also referred to as Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper, is Trinidad Valentine ‘s famous daughter.

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