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Instructions to Find a Certified Honda Body Shop

Complaining about the high cost of car insurance is common until the need arises. The unfortunate reality is that a majority of vehicles on the road will eventually require impact repairs, restoration for defacement, or face total loss due to accidents or weather events. If your vehicle has repairable damage, where should you take it for your insurance claim?

Finding a Local Honda Body Shop

The initial step in locating a suitable place for your Honda’s impact repair is to find an auto body shop in your vicinity. There are various ways to achieve this – conducting a Google search for “Honda body shop near me,” driving through your local area, or seeking recommendations from friends and family. In Kansas City, where numerous body shops exist, it’s essential to narrow down your search to those specializing in Honda repairs.

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ProFirst Certification

Distinguishing between average and exceptional repair shops depends on their repair processes. Honda’s ProFirst certification serves as proof of excellence. ProFirst Certified showrooms undergo the highest level of industry-specific training. These shops have Honda-specific training across the entire model range, access to repair information directly from Honda, and the necessary tools and equipment for the job. Maintenance of the highest facility standards and customer service is mandatory, with the certification achieved through independent third-party annual inspections.

The Premier KCMO Honda Body Shop

For impact repairs and insurance claims in Kansas City, MO, Jay Wolfe Honda stands out. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, quality parts, and skilled technicians, Jay Wolfe Honda ensures peace of mind that your repairs will be completed to the highest standards in a hassle-free process. Visit for more information.

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Customer Testimonial

My Experience with Jay Wolfe Honda

I had an outstanding vehicle acquisition experience at Jay Wolfe! My journey began with Russ King when I discovered that Honda was finally bringing the Civic Type R to the United States. Despite the vehicle’s arrival being months away, Russ kept me well-informed and updated about any information regarding the car. His excitement for my anticipation matched mine.

Dealing with a limited-production vehicle, most showrooms tend to mark up prices significantly. However, Russ and Jay Wolfe adhered to our discussed pricing, MSRP plus accessories. This demonstrated their integrity as a profit-driven business, resisting the temptation to capitalize on the vehicle’s demand. Many dealerships increased the 2017 Civic Type R’s price by thousands of dollars, making Jay Wolfe Honda’s commitment to their word truly exceptional. This experience has created a lifelong customer in me.

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