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How To Protect Your Information and Anonymity On Your Smartphone

While making a list of free tools to protect your information and anonymity, we have seen that the market was skewed towards Macs and PCs while smartphones and android devices have fewer options to keep devices safe from hackers. Currently, most people are using smartphones and tablets to connect to the internet. In developed countries, most of the population has diverted towards smartphones instead of using PCs and laptops to get connected to the internet. There are different ways through which you can protect your anonymity on your smartphone like hiding your IP address, using of cheap android VPN, encrypted calls, use of secure browsers, and many more.

So, in light of the mobile revolution, we are going to describe some ways to keep your mobile phone safe and secure.

Smartphone Settings

First of all, you need to know about your mobile setting. Go to your smartphone setting and make sure the manufacturer has not granted unnecessary access to your personal information. You need to do some tasks in your smartphone’s setting toprotect your information and anonymity i.e switch of location tracking, access to the camera, and data sharing options that you don’t need. You can do enable and disable these features with different apps on iPhone and Android devices.

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Use a VPN

VPN is one of the best solutions to protect your information and anonymityon your Smartphone. Still, there are many iPhone users who don’t know What’s VPN on iPhone can provide features? A VPN is a private network that provides the services to connect servers before sending and receiving data. It hides your IP address and it will use the IP address of your server to send data.

VPN is becoming an important app for your mobile just like desktops. As it is a mean to get access to thousands of websites that you are not allowed to use normally. You can encrypt internet traffic traveling to and from your iPhone. There are hundreds of VPN apps available on playstore and apple store to protect information and anonymity but most of them are costly. People want to know about cheap android VPN.

Paid VPNs provide support for both types of devices like android phones and desktop systems. You can access multiple sites using VPNs and can keep your web browsing and app usage secure. As an added benefit a VPN can let you access Netflix abroad along with other geo-blocked streaming services.

Hide Your IP Address

If you want to keep your identity secure or want to remain anonymous, you will have to hide your IP address. This is just like a home address. IP address is basically a specific number for any device that describes the website where to send data so that it arrives at the proper place.

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There are various ways to hide IP addresses of your devices to visit sites. The most common way includes the use of cheap Android VPN that helps to protect your information and anonymity on your smartphones. The IP address has information about your country or geographical area. Social networking websites and search engines use IP addresses to track users’ activity for ads purposes.

Encrypted Calls and Chat

All chat apps are not encrypted, and if they are, manufacturers of those apps have keys to decrypt them. We mostly use Whatsapp, Viber, iMessage, Snapchat, and Facebook messenger to chat with our friends and family members and all of these apps have encryption to some level.

There are also some apps that are encrypted by default. It is difficult to protect your information and anonymity on such apps where the chances of hacking are more. A few encrypted chat apps exist specifically for those who don’t want their privacy in the hands of a multinational corporation, such as CryptoCat.

There are many apps on playstore, if you want encrypted live phone calls. These apps offer free encrypted audio calls and instant messaging.

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Be Careful With Third-Party Software

One thing to do not forget about staying anonymous together with your Android device or iPhone is that every app accesses your records. While you could set up your internet browser to be anonymous, your different apps can be able to get the right of entry to and song your private facts.

Even if your browser is anonymous, third-party browser plugins might also store private information. A VPN ought to work with other apps, however, either way, it’s important to proceed with caution and avoid entering personal data in case you want to keep your identity hidden.

Switch To Secure Browsers

As depicted by using their names, secure browsers are the best tools to protect your information and anonymity. They came into popularity since popular browsers like Chrome and Bing began sorting user records. These secure browsers assure strict no-logging coverage. They moreover guard against numerous other online privacy and security threats inclusive of:

  • Spyware
  • Monitoring cookies
  • Browser fingerprinting

However, as they lack in imparting encryption or protecting IP addresses, it’s miles higher to apply secure browsers with a VPN. Switching to a comfortable browser requires downloading considered one of your alternatives together with an epic privacy browser, configuring settings, and beginning surfing correctly!