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How to Open a Bottle of Champagne: A Guide

Did you know that the United States has $78.4 billion in wine sales?

Being part of this market means opening a lot of wine bottles each day. However, opening a bottle of champagne isn’t as simple as twisting the cap off and pouring.

If you do that, as soon as the cork comes off, the bottle will spew bubbles everywhere and look like a mess. This can leave you with a mostly empty bottle.

Read below to learn how to open a bottle of champagne properly.

Gently Popping the Cork

Gently popping a bottle of champagne is an essential step in the opening process. Champagne bottles have a strong seal due to their metal capsule and pressurized liquid.

It is essential to start by removing the metal capsule from the bottle. This can be done by loosening the metal wire around the top just enough so that you can grab the metal foil. Once the metal foil is removed, take off the small cork disk.

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With the metal capsule and disk removed, the wire cage will still be around the cork. It is essential to untwist the wires one at a time and gently to avoid the pin shooting out of the bottle. Keep a firm hold of the bottle while gently removing the cork upwards. 

Utilizing the Right Supplies

If you want to open a bottle of champagne properly and safely, you will need the right supplies. A champagne bottle opener or ah-so is essential. These tools come in different shapes and sizes, but they all include two-pronged handles that you use to push aside the wire cage and release the cork.

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This is much safer than using a corkscrew. You’ll also need a container or towel to hold the bottle vertically and absorb the pressure when you open it.

And if you’re opening a bottle with a metal cap, you’ll need a bottle-cap opener or pliers. Place the opener firmly at the lip of the cap and pull the edge of the cap away from the bottle. If you want to know about different options of bottle openers, view here for more.

Avoiding Hazards

If opening a bottle of champagne, taking certain safety precautions regarding the cork is essential. Before handling the bottle, it should be stored appropriately and chilled for optimal consumption. If holding the bottle of champagne, it is important to point it away from all people, animals, and any flammable items.

The person holding the bottle should wrap a towel around it and grip it tightly. The champagne opening should occur without hazards when properly carrying out this task. As champagne and its cork are under pressure, the best way to release it is with a gradual movement, and if removed too quickly, unforeseen and dangerous consequences can result. 

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Open a Bottle of Champagne the Right Way

Making a toast to your guests or a celebratory event with a perfectly popped cork can give a great impression. Opening a bottle of champagne can be a fun and rewarding experience, one that you can proudly say you did yourself with the proper safety precautions. Take the steps in this guide to open your special bottle of bubbly and make your special occasion even more memorable.

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