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How to choose the best WordPress developer for your project?

Website is very crucial for businesses in the current world of digitalization. Every business, small or big, is taking its business online. For an online business, a website is essential. Many tools and technologies exist to create a website, but WordPress stands apart from all other platforms. You can Hire a WordPress developer Melbourne to design a perfect website for your business. 

WordPress is an open-source content management system created on PHP. It is a very robust and popular platform. Around 40% of all websites are powered by Magento alone. Thus, it is an excellent choice for building a website.

A WordPress developer is a professional who specializes in the WordPress platform’s infrastructure and environment. He uses all this knowledge to make the best website for your business. 

Choosing a WordPress developer or a WordPress development company can be crucial for a business. So, in this blog, we will guide you and give tips to help you hire the best WordPress developer.

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8 Tips for hiring the best WordPress developer for your project

1. Be clear about your requirements

Before starting the journey of hiring a WordPress expert, you must be clear about your needs and requirements. You can hire the right developer only when you have clarity of your requirements. 

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You must know which type of design, structure, and color scheme you need for your website. Most importantly, you must know the purpose for which you are designing your website. This will help you in selecting the best WordPress for your project. So, be very clear about your needs and requirements.

2. Know where to find the developers

You can find your developer in various sources or places—the best place in online freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, etc. You will get many good developers on this platform. However, if you want to hire dedicated WordPress developers, Toptal and Codeable are the best platforms. 

You can also find the developers on the job portals and hire them directly for them. And you can even take the help of industry friends and take their references for WordPress developers.

3. Check the portfolio of the developer

While hiring a WordPress developer, ask for the work portfolio of all the developers you are considering. A portfolio can give an idea about the work quality of the developer. If the work done in the portfolio matches your requirement, then hire the developer. 

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Hire a developer who has done similar projects as yours because they can efficiently do your work and have experience working with the same type of company as yours or the same industry.

4. Quick response time

Make sure to hire a developer who quickly responds to your emails during the initial conversation. This may look small, but it is a significant factor in selecting a developer.

Many developers are busy with multiple projects, and thus, they cannot respond to your emails. And when a developer is active with various tasks, they may not be able to give proper time to your project, and thus it will directly affect your website. So, do consider this thing while hiring a developer.  

5. Check the skillset 

Do check the skills of the developers before hiring them. A good WordPress developer has all the skills related to website development and WordPress. They may have hosting skills, knowledge of image editing, UI/UX skills, etc. A developer with all these skills can work well on your project. 

6. Look for relevant expertise

You should always select a developer with experience developing websites for your industry or domain. If you want to develop a subscription site, then choose a person that holds expertise in developing subscription sites. 

When a developer has a similar experience, he knows all the technicalities and requirements, and thus he can develop a perfect site for your company. So, hire a WordPress developer who holds relevant experience.

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7. Focus on value, not just on charges

You will get many developers online who will charge a meager amount for developing your website. So, we advise you to avoid following their trap, they may charge you less, but in return, you will receive inferior service from the developer. 

You must choose a developer with the best cost and quality combination. Hire a developer who will add value to your project rather than just selecting an employee based on their service cost. Hire a WordPress developer in Sydney to get the best deal.

8. Check the communication skills of the developers

While looking for the developers, make sure to check the communication of all the candidates because communication is going to play a significant role in your project. Thus, you must consider this factor while selecting the developer. 

In the website development project, you need to communicate a lot to tell the needs, requirements, and changes that you want in your project. So, if the developer’s communication is not good, he may not understand your requirements, which will affect the quality of your website.  


In conclusion, a WordPress developer can be very beneficial for your project. They can design the best website for your business. You can use the tips above to choose the best WordPress developer for your project.