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How to Buy a High-Quality Moissanite Ring Online

When shopping for a moissanite ring, we are exposed to various choices, especially when searching online, which makes it hard for us to purchase the right one at a reasonable price. Worse then, some of the suppliers may sell low-quality stones to hunt for mouthwatering profits from it the surge of moissanite market share in the jewelry market, which may put us at a risk in buying a low-quality one. Plus, the lack of close examination of the product in online shopping also increases the risk of buying low-quality gemstones. Therefore, we will share some tips about shopping for high-quality moissanite rings online.

Learn a lesson about moissanite 

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral that was first discovered in a meteor crater by Dr. Henri Moissan in 1893. It bears such a strong resemblance to diamonds that it was initially mistaken for one. However, it was confirmed as silicon carbide in 1904. In the late 1990s, scientists figured out how to create it in a laboratory. Given that it features extraordinary fire and brilliance that surpasses diamonds and is extremely resistant to scratching, moissanite has become one of the most popular gemstones on the market. However, natural moissanite is too rare to meet the current demand, meaning that the moissanite stones available on the market are all lab-grown.

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Under the strict control of the generation process, these lab-grown gemstones usually feature perfect details, and their optical properties and beauty even surpass that of a diamond. As such, if you get a moissanite with obvious flaws, it may be a low-quality one. Take some time to know more about moissanite, you will benefit more.  

Choose an online retailer your trust 

As it is mentioned above, many retailers blindly pursue huge profits and are getting away with selling low-quality moissanite stones to you due to a lack of regulation in the moissanite jewelry industry. But there are still many reliable famous stores like Charles and Colvard or you can meet a reliable store like Bestcarat that offer high-quality moissanite jewelry with professional service and affordable. No matter which store you go to, try to choose a retailer you trust.

Try to buy moissanite with many really good reviews 

When shopping for a moissanite ring online, you may be lost in a variety of options, making it hard for us to choose the quality moissanite. It is recommended that you should select a product with a ton of good moissanite reviews. And try to check the customer review details about product quality and real shots, which can help you have a closer look at the moissanite. 

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Certify your stone

Despite a few regulations on the moissanite jewelry market, there are still some standards used to evaluate gemstone quality. It is recommended to purchase a moissanite stone with a well-recognized certificate such as GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, an independent jewel Institute that offers reliable and accurate gemstones and jewels testing services around the globe. GIA moissanite reports are well recognized for their strict grading standards and proven consistency. Therefore, when you are shopping for moissanite online, you’d better buy one with a GIA report, proving that moissanite’s quality is highly-guaranteed. 

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Know more details about the return policy

We can say that all online stores will offer a return policy, which provides you with the greatest peace of mind that the product quality is guaranteed. However, the return policy varies from store to store. We suggest that you should purchase from a reliable retailer that offers a 30-day or longer return policy, especially when you shop for moissanite that ships from an online store that is away from you because it allows you to have more time to test the quality of moissanite engagement rings. 

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Try to get the right cut and settings:

If you are looking for a moissanite ring, it is wise to take some time to choose the right cut and settings because they will affect the brilliance and fire and even the style of your moissanite wedding rings. Which cut and setting for your moissanite depends on what you need. For example, for a dazzling moissanite engagement ring, brilliant cut moissanite will be an ideal choice for you as it can show the fire and brilliance possible. 

Final Thoughts

With the adoption of moissanite momentum rising, all the online stores are competing to win the customer’s heart by improving their product quality and service in every aspect, contributing to providing more affordable and quality options for us. However, we still have to stay alert when shopping moissanite online. This is because there is still a lack of regulation for the moissanite jewelry market. Whether you are choosing a moissanite stone to state setting your rings or looking for a stunning moissanite engagement ring, it is recommended that you take all your care into consideration, which can help you reach the right one for you.