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How do I tell if he loves me?

Are you wondering if the man in your life loves you? It’s not always easy to tell if someone’s in love with you, but there are some signs that you can look for. From the physical to how he makes you feel emotionally and even how he acts around you, many indicators can help you determine if the two of you share true love. Let’s explore different aspects of his behavior that may provide clues as to whether he truly loves you. 

How do I tell if he loves me?

1. Signs of Love from the Physical

When it comes to physical expressions of love, body language speaks volumes. If he loves you, he will contact you to express his feelings even when there’s no reason to. For instance, a loving man may place his hand on your lower back or draw you close when walking together, and he’ll often make plenty of eye contact. Plus, a loving man will be more likely to show a level of physical affection that suits you rather than his comfort level. 

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2. Expressions of Love Through Actions

It’s easy to say that we love someone, but true loving actions speak much louder. A man in love will go out of his way to make you happy. He’ll surprise you with gifts for no special occasion, bring you flowers, or even do things like cook a meal when you’re not feeling well. He also won’t be afraid to share the spotlight with you and come to your aid if needed. 

3. Attention and Time Spent

Love requires attention and dedication, so a man who truly loves you will make time for you in his day. He won’t overlook your messages or be too busy to see you but will make time for you and even plan for special activities. This consistent level of effort communicates his love for you. 

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4. Love Exudes from Eye Contact

Genuine affection and love are communicated through a special type of eye contact. Instead of quickly looking away from a prolonged gaze, the eyes of a loving man will connect with you in a way that will make you feel heard, accepted, and appreciated. 

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5. He Wants Your Input and Opinion

When a man loves you, he wants to hear your ideas and feelings and create a dialogue with you. A man who loves you values your opinions and will often seek your input on subjects that matter to him. He won’t ignore your opinions or thoughts but will respect them and take them seriously. 

6. He Is Attentive to Your Feelings

Part of being in love is caring deeply about someone’s feelings. Whether the little things or something more serious, a loving man will pay attention to your emotions and be considerate of them. When a man loves you, he’ll go out of his way to make you feel better even when you haven’t asked him to.

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7. He Is Comfortable With Your Vulnerability

Showing your raw and authentic self can be intimidating, but a loving man will embrace your vulnerability. He won’t try to control things or hide from the uncomfortable moments but rather a comfort and embrace you throughout them. This type of love demonstrates trust and respect for you and your emotions. 

8. He Shares Your Interests

Everyone doesn’t share mutual interests in a relationship, but when a man loves you, he’ll be willing to explore his interests so they can do things together. This not only shows that he cares enough to spend time with you but also that he’s interested in making you happy. 


Everyone expresses their love differently, but if you’re armed with the right knowledge, you can determine if the man in your life loves you. Pay attention to how he acts and makes you feel to help you determine if you two share true love.