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How can a career coach help you?

A substantial portion of your life is spent chasing just the right job and finding happiness in the one you eventually do land. While only some find a job they love, getting a good enough job is also challenging. Especially when living in a big city like Dubai, where competition is plenty and life is expensive. 

Another issue is that people do not know which job they should also opt for. Others have problems advancing their careers in positions they eventually manage to tolerate. And this is where career coaching in Dubai comes in. 

What does a career coach do, and how can they help you?

Career coaches are qualified professionals who can help you improve your career path. The function in different capacities, including:

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Help with career options

A career coach can be a great asset in helping you identify and pursue the best career options for you. They have specialized insight and expertise in job searching and interviewing, which can give you an edge when looking for employment. Additionally, they can help clarify what kind of job suits your skillset, interests, and experience level.

Having a career coach to turn to during this process will ensure that you make informed decisions about your future. They will also be able to offer advice on how to effectively market yourself while creating a resume that stands out from other applicants. Furthermore, they are equipped with resources that may not be available or easily accessible by someone conducting their job search

Set goals 

Setting the right goals is imperative if you want to excel in any field and not just your career. But goal making is not simply writing what you wish to but is more nuanced. 

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For efficient goal-making, you need a proper road map, timeline, a function to measure the goal, the purpose of the plan, etc. A professional coach can help you achieve a better goal, which enables you to get further in your career and life.

Update career skills

Career coaches work with individuals and help them realize where and how they should be upskilling. Since most careers are evolving, updating career skills is crucial for staying relevant in the industry.

Make an effective resume

To land a decent job, your resume needs to follow proper guidelines. Or else, even if you are qualified, you might not be able to get short-listed for the jobs that you want. 

A career coach can help you improve your resume to connect to the right employers.

Aid in advancing your career

It is not just a matter of landing a job; getting a promotion is also vital. Career coaches can help you in mastering skills, strategies, and confidence that can help advance your career. 

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Help with managing your career better

Learning how to manage your career is difficult, but a career coach can help make it easier. They can help you realize your end goal, the choices you need to make to get there, what you should prioritize, and how to manage your life and career together. 

The ultimate choice   

Your career plays a vital role in determining the quality of your life. So compromising on it might prevent you from reaching your full potential and living your dream life. Still, considering how a professional can help you, at least seriously deliberate on the matter. Consulting a career coach is entirely your call.

Fitcy Health provides 100+ certified Career Coach Consultants that can help you find the right path to the right career.