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Handwritten Note Generator and Benefits of Cognitive Handwritten Notes

Although technology continues to develop rapidly, in reality there are still some people who like handwritten notes. Therefore, now comes the handwritten note generator technology with satisfactory writing results.

Then, what is the meaning of the generator tool? What are the benefits of taking handwritten notes?

Are you curious about the answer? Come on, read directly the explanation of handwritten notes and their benefits in the following review.

Technology around Handwritten Notes

Handwritten note generator is a new technology invention in the form of software that is able to change the original handwriting to be included in online media. This technology has been widely used in various countries, there are even people who subscribe to online handwritten note services.

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Advantages of Making Handwritten Notes

When you type using a typewriter or laptop device, you tend not to process information too much so that it is non-generative. Meanwhile, when you write by hand and take written notes, it can increase cognitive intelligence. You will also be more active in organizing, adapting information obtained, summarizing some important note points, and other positive things.

Not only that, writing notes in writing will also make you better understand the information obtained through books or submitted by other people. That way, you can easily remember information rather than jotting down information through a typewriter.

How to Make Handwritten Notes

In this case there are several ways to make handwritten notes. One well-known way to take handwritten notes is the Cornel style. This writing style was introduced by professor Walter Pauk. There are several ways to make handwritten notes, including:

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1. Taking Notes Using Cognitive Power

The writing style of one person with another must have their own differences. In this case, making written notes also requires one’s cognitive intelligence. The higher a person’s level of intelligence, the faster he will summarize important information in the form of written notes, and vice versa.

2. Sketching and Drawing

In making notes that contain important information, it does not always have to be in the form of writing, but also in the form of sketches or drawings. Some people with high cognitive power are able to store information in the form of sketches and drawings. Call it Leonardo da Vinci’s painting which is full of mystery because there are many secret codes that store important information about an event.

3. Take Writing in Writing, then Share on Digital Media

The development of the world of writing is also increasingly creative. To get around old traditions and technological developments, handwritten notes are made online. At first, you will be asked to make a written note on paper, then it will be uploaded on a social media page or other online media.

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To make it more interesting, you can choose a handwritten note design through online software. Although uploaded online, the handwriting style is still maintained like the original writing.

However, many education experts still recommend taking handwritten notes and reducing the use of laptops for typing course material. This is because the brain can work optimally when you write so that your memory is sharper.

Well, that’s a review of a handwritten note generator that can be recommended for those of you who like handwriting with the help of advanced technology.