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Enjoy The Free Services of iTop VPN

It is not everyday that you get to use a VPN for a PC for free, as most require you to pay for their services. As a first-time user of any VPN, you might prefer free services to start you off. If in need of such a tool, iTop VPN is a worthy consideration.

With a claim of being one of the best VPNs around, you will appreciate the quality of its services once you download it on your device. Stick on as we look at more about this VPN for Windows and other systems.

How To Use iTop VPN for Free

This VPN has a free version that you access from the website. You do not need to sign up for an account or provide billing information, you download it straight from the website and install it on your device. make sure you have the right version that is compatible with your device. This iTop product is a great VPN that supports new and older releases. It also supports other operating systems, such as Mac, iOS and Android, a hint of its adaptability.

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With the tool installed on your device, you can now browse safely. Besides not paying for the service, you get a 700MB daily data bandwidth and you can change your location to various countries.

Is The Free VPN Worth It?

The freeware is worth the try, especially for new users, who can get an idea of this VPN’s functionality. It is also great for lightweight internet users, considering the low daily bandwidth. However, you should sign up for the premium plans to get more resources and improve your browsing experience.

Let us look at the premium plans of this VPN super unlimited proxy.

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The Premium Packages

iTop VPN has three premium plans, though they can be four sometimes. They are the 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month plans, and the occasional 3-month package. Subscription is friendly, going for $11.99 per month. At the moment, the packages attract amazing discounts of up to 86%.

In this vein, you pay $6 per month for the 3-month plan and $3.99 for the one-year plan. The 24-month and 36-month subscriptions cost $2.31 and $1.66 monthly, respectively.

Perks Of the Premium Packages

The following are some of the advantages of the premium plans.

Faster Internet

You do not have to deal with slow internet again when you go premium. You will get up to ten times faster connectivity, which is ideal for gaming or work.

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Access Restricted Content

Upgrading to premium grants you access to more than 1800 VIP servers worldwide. Geo-restrictions will be a thing of the past. You also have access to social, gaming, and streaming VIP servers.

Block Ads and Trackers

Ads and trackers are nuisances that we deal with when using the internet and can affect our browsing experience. This VPN for PC has features that block ads, trackers, and malware like viruses and worms.

Final Thought

Do not pass up the chance of using the best VPN in UAE and other territories for free. Download the program or app or your device for all-around browser protection. You can upgrade to premium plans later, to get more features.