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Basics You Need To Know Before You Invest In Cryptography


The realm of cryptocurrency, introduced 15 years ago, still maintains an allure reminiscent of a gold rush. With nearly 5000 cryptocurrencies circulating and more emerging, understanding the basics of cryptography becomes crucial. Let’s embark on an easy-to-understand guide to cryptography, tracing its origin and shedding light on essential information.

A Cryptocurrency Primer

What is Cryptocurrency?
In 2008, the enigmatic figure or group, Satoshi Nakamoto, introduced the first cryptocurrency—Bitcoin. Subsequent currencies are referred to as “altcoins,” with Ethereum emerging as the second-largest and most popular.

The Appeal of Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency, a digital asset facilitating secure trades without central oversight from banks or governments, gained popularity due to its inherent trade security.

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Key Considerations for Cryptocurrency Investors

1. Knowledge is Power
Despite the allure, it’s crucial to recognize that not all cryptocurrencies are equivalent to gold. A survey in 2021 revealed that many investors lacked sufficient knowledge about the crypto sector initially. Therefore, prospective investors must educate themselves on key aspects.

2. Tax Obligations
Contrary to the belief that cryptocurrency profits are tax-free, investors are still required to pay taxes. Income Tax or GST may apply, ranging from 10-20%. To navigate the complexities, consider consulting a crypto tax agent, such as Stephan Cole FCPA, offering crypto tax services in Sydney.

3. Understanding Risks
Research is paramount in the volatile crypto market. Bitcoin has experienced eight significant crashes since its inception, emphasizing the need for thorough risk analysis before investing.

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4. Hardware and Software Upgrades
Mining bitcoins on a standard PC is outdated. Current mining demands sophisticated equipment and powerful hardware, necessitating substantial electricity. Recognizing the environmental impact, investors must adapt to the evolving hardware landscape.


Before embarking on your cryptocurrency journey, understanding these basics is crucial. From tax implications to risk assessments and technological demands, a well-informed approach ensures a smoother and more successful experience in the dynamic world of cryptography.