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A potpourri of Knowledge and Fun for little tots

It’s time to wrap up the year as you try to orchestrate a fam-jam holiday with the upcoming Christmas holidays. Visit the Museum in Singapore, which gives us knowledge and understanding of the heritage of Lion City. They feature precious artifacts, paintings, and paintings. The National Gallery Singapore has the most extensive collection of Singaporean and Southeast Asian art.

Art Science Museum blends Science, art, and technology with exhibits of masterpieces of Da Vinci, Salvatore Dali, and Andy Warhol. Situated in the city’s core at Fort Canning Hill is the Battlebox, which was once an underground command center used by Britishers during the Second World War. Time to change the scene as you enjoy fun-filled Kids’ Activities in Singapore.

First and foremost, visit the only Hollywood-themed park in South East Asia -Universal Studios with amazing rides and twenty-eight shows, and many attractions, including options for shopping and dining.

Visit the beautiful Garden by the Bay, where kids get to be close to nature at its best. With all fifty different habitats and then one thousand species, S.E.A. Aquarium is an ideal spot to visit with family. Beat the heat and, at the same time, have fun at Adventure Cove Water Park.

This Museum in Singapore is famous for its collection of Asian and Southeast Asian Art. The National Gallery Museum is located in the ex-Supreme Court Buildings and the City Hall. The National Gallery has a total of six galleries, out of which two galleries are permanent.

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The D.B.S. Singapore Gallery has four hundred artifacts that display the development of Singapore from the 19th century to the present. The U.O.B. Southeast Asia Gallery has paintings that bring forth the artist’s creativity while depicting various aspects of society.

The Keppel Centre for Art Education organizes many events, with the main focus being the creative development of future artists from all walks of life.

ArtScience Museum

Located in the Marina Bay Sands resort, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong inaugurated this Museum in Singapore on 17 February 2011. Most of the exhibitions here are a mixture of art, Science, technology, and culture. The building resembled a lotus flower and was designed by Moshe Safdie.

The museum is also known as the “Welcome Hand of Singapore.” The museum has a circular base with ten finger-like projections that house the twenty-one well-lit galleries. The Digital Light Canvas by teamLab allows the visitor to explore an ecosystem. Future World: Where Art Meets Science makes the visit memorable as you pass through two sections City in A Garden and Exploring New World.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is a must-see attraction in Singapore. Southeast Asia’s first natural history museum, spread across two floors and fifteen zones, has a gallery with over two thousand specimens of Southeast Asian flora and fauna. But the museum’s main attraction is the 150 million-year-old dinosaur fossils, which is a quick reminder of the movie Jurassic Park.

Besides the dinosaur fossil, There is a skeleton of a sperm whale and a specimen of the Asian Brown Flycatcher, collected by the British naturalist Alfred Wallace himself. The fifteen zones showcase plants, mammals, dinosaurs, and fungi samples. The museum is surrounded by four gardens where the Phylogenetic Garden chronicles the evolution of plants and habitats. The themes of the other gardens depict mangroves, dryland forests, and swamps.

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Changi Jurassic Mile

One of the top Kids’ activities in Singapore to enjoy is a visit to Changi Jurassic Mile, which displays life-sized dinosaurs. The Jurassic Mile has twenty different prehistoric creatures on display, including the tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptors, and parasaurolophus, which has a height of about five meters.

The stretch is a one-kilometer dinosaur-themed cycling and jogging path beside the Changi Airport Connector path. The new addition to the dino family is the yellow-colored 3.9 meters tall Tyrannosaurus Rex near the Terminal 4 slip road.

The three-meter-tall Diplodocus is just outside the V.I.P. complex. There are information panels that show the facts about the dinosaurs along the path as the outdoor speakers play safari-themed music for a complete Jurassic Park experience. Watch out for those baby dinos hatching from massive eggs as you explore the grounds while cycling.

Admiralty Park

Have fun with this Kid’s activities in Singapore as you slide down some excellent twenty-six slides at Admiralty Park. The park is divided into three main play areas -Junior Play, Adventure Play, and Family Terracing Play.

Slide down the Curved Roller Side, which is thirty-four meters long and is lined with black tubes resembling a conveyor belt to slide easily. The park caters to all ages, whether a two-year-old waddling down baby slides or tweens trying to map the tunnel slides.

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With lime green tube slides, the Junior play focuses on kids between the ages of two to five, where safety is the prime concern. Cargo nets replace the steps to reach the slide. The Family Terracing Play is apt for five to twelve years old kids as they slide down the Double Barrel Tube Slide, which is 23 meters long and nine meters tall.

Science Centre 

Try out this fun-filled Kids’ activity in Singapore, as the center’s primary focus is Science. There are interactive exhibits across the fourteen galleries making it a perfect hub for the future Einsteins and Newtons. Reach the center of Earth via a crack where you explore the different layers beneath the surface.

There are around twenty permanent exhibitions on display. One is the Eco garden, where several plants grow naturally without human interference. Phobia The Science of Fear explores the intricacies of this basic instinct, from public speaking to the fear of being buried alive.

Explore Earth; Our Untamed Planet focuses on the Science related to our planet and ecosystem. Another key highlight of the Science Centre is the Omni Theatre which features a five-story high IMAX dome screen. That fascinates the visitors with its action on the screen where you watch woolly mammoths, and saber-toothed tigers come alive.

Step inside the butterfly enclosure as you watch these fluttering beauties flapping their delicate wings. Enjoy and experience winter in this tropical city with a sub-zero environment at this permanent indoor snow center. The young minds learn to inquire, investigate and create through these interactive exhibitions.