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8 Top Facebook Pages for 2022

Most popular Facebook pages in USA 2022

1. Numbers USA (Political Organization).


Fan Count: 1,087.067

Engagement: 9.51% (Average: 7.4%)

Organic Reach: 37.49% (Average 42.4%)

Viral Reach: 171.06% (Average 273.1%)

This page is on Facebook.

Illegal immigration is a hotly debated, provocative topic in the U.S. Numbers USA uses inflammatory Facebook posts for its fans to raise awareness about this issue.

Like many other pages, they publish updates, including photos. Like many different pages, they ask their followers to comment and like their posts. Like many other pages, they link to external sources.

They play on the emotions and passions of their fans in a different way than other pages. This is a powerful strategy in politics. They use a variety of tactics, from invoking fears and quoting controversial statements from political rivals to citing dramatic, sometimes contentious, quotes.

NumbersUSA’s page will be a great resource no matter what side of the immigration spectrum you are on. Their fan base, which is in the millions, shows that they are very knowledgeable about getting page likes.

[Tweet: “Political Facebook pages: Use pathos to gain fans and engagement.”]

2. lessoins par les plantes (Non-Profit)

lessoins par lesplantes

Fan Count: 147 776

Engagement: 9.77% (Average: 7.4%)

Organic Reach: 134.79% (Average 42.4%)

Viral Reach: 165.27% (Average 273.1%)

This page is on Facebook.

Les coins par les plants is a non-profit organization that promotes plant-based treatments for common medical conditions like insomnia and upset stomachs. It promotes their use to boost our natural immune defenses.

It’s an exciting niche. They do not sell any products, but they encourage alternative therapies. Their Facebook posting strategy is very effective. These treatments are posted so that their fans can make them at home. It’s an excellent way for a brand to market a product.

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[Tweet: “Unusual niches require unusual FB posting strategies. Be creative!”

3. Monkey Town Helmond (Indoor Playground).

Monkey Town Helmond

Fan Count: 3,472

Engagement: 11.35% (Average: 8.4%)

Organic Reach: 57.90% Average: 42.4

Viral Reach: 155.83%. Average: 273.1

Facebook contests work reliably and are a good strategy. Monkey Town Helmond is a small indoor playground that asked its fans to suggest people who should get a free ticket. The engagement was high, as expected.

Their fans interacted with one another on the page. This made the brand-customer relationship stronger by forging new friendships.

4. Safety 1st Australia (Baby Goods/Kids Goods).

Safety First Australia

Fan Count: 17,614

Engagement: 7.12% (Average: 7.9%)

Organic Reach: 90.38% (Average 42.4%)

Viral Reach: 150.14% (Average 273.1%)

This page is on Facebook.

Safety 1st Australia designs and sells products that make children’s lives safer. This mission is the core of its brand.

The key to the success of Safety 1st Australia’s Facebook page is its brand identity. While it promotes some of its products, it also shares tips, whether related to the products.

To reduce the risk children face at home, in the car, and everywhere else. These tips aren’t symbolic. These tips are practical and can be used immediately – they’re the type of posts mothers send to their friends.

Publishing content like this gives the company more authority over something more abstract or comprehensive than it would otherwise be – child safety. It is simply good branding.

[Tweet “Stay relevant. Your brand identity is strong; your FB content should reflect that.”

5. MAXXESS FRANCE (Motorcycle Accessories).


Fan Count: 129,000

Engagement: 16.2% (Average: 7.4%)

Organic Reach: 62.7% (Average 42.4%)

Viral Reach: 111.7% (Average 273.1%)

This page is on Facebook.

Motorcycles are unique in their exclusivity. Motorcycles are more at risk than cars, and they can bring more excitement than cars. They are a symbol of freedom, rebellion, and devil-may-care edginess. Many people won’t be able to ride one.

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This means that motorcycles are more isolated as a culture. Authenticity is important. This is one of many reasons Harley-Davidson bikes have become the standard for most American outlaw motorcycle gangs.

This company has been around for a long time, and it has proven its worth repeatedly.

Although motorcycle accessory sellers don’t face the same scrutiny as other businesses, it is a good thing to be “one of us.” MAXXESSFRANCE posts on Facebook include motorcycle humor and lurid crash videos.

It covers as much riding as possible, so it can be part of a community that buys from within it. MAXXIS France has done an excellent job at this.

Friends are more valuable than friends.

6. Heel book (Entertainment Apparel).


Fan Count: 76,292

Engagement: 22.7% (Average: 7.4%)

Organic Reach: 73.8% (Average 42.4%)

Viral Reach: 108.2% (Average 273.4%)

This page is on Facebook.

The heel book doesn’t take itself too seriously. It sells t-shirts that are humorously inspired by professional wrestling.

Its customers don’t usually have a great interest in fashion. They are avid fans of professional wrestling and enjoy a good chuckle – especially when it is a joke they can appreciate.

Heel’s book could discuss what’s going on in professional wrestling via Facebook, including who’s winning and who’s losing. This could get more serious. The shirts they sell – and the products they are selling – are not.

Heel book instead posts jokes. Some are wearing their shirts. There is some selling involved. It’s mostly a bit of irreverence every few weeks. That casual, insider humor is precisely what their shirts are good at.

[Tweet] “Serious brands must be serious. It is not appropriate for casual, funny brands. It can come across as insincere.”

7. Rady tips napady – Lifestyle Community

Rady tips nappy

Fan Count: 53 751

Engagement: 23.8% (Average: 7.4%)

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Organic Reach: 29.9% (Average 42.4%)

Viral Reach: 20.6% (Average 273.1%)

This page is on Facebook.

Rady tips nappy has been partnered with Kitchen and Living. It is based on the same design, culinary and lifestyle concepts as Kitchen and Living. It’s a brand community in marketing terms.

Rady tips nappy to unite a diverse customer base to create a stronger relationship. This is centered around the community and the larger company (Kitchen and Living).

There are a few things they do well in this community. Sharing homemaking tips is a central part of Rady’s tips and experience. They have a lot of them on their Facebook page.

They also take suggestions from their followers and post them. This makes their community more involved and more engaging. The exchange gives their fans something. They get homemaking tips and recognition for their contributions.

[Tweet: “FB brand communities should always be active. The better the page-fan interaction, the more beneficial.”

8. (Fishing)

Fan Count: 71.112

Engagement: 23.8% (Average: 7.4%)

Organic Reach: 29.9% (Average 42.4%)

Viral Reach: 20.6% (Average 273.1%)

This page is on Facebook.

Fishing is not an easy job. It is not easy to fish for a long time. It is a sport that requires practice and mastery. Experience is more important than natural ability.

They are proud to be a good and competent fisherman. They sacrificed a lot of their time and effort to achieve it. is a fishing company that understands this pride.

They ask their customers questions about the correct fishing form. They can show what they know. It’s great if there are disagreements in the comments, which can sometimes happen, but it’s still great.

The healthy, lively discussion makes for a vibrant community. This makes the page a place where people can talk about fishing. It also gives credibility to the brand, which in turn drives sales.

 These triggers can be used to start conversations on Facebook.

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