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5 Things You Should Know About Shipping Your Car

Since the pandemic, more than 4.9 million U.S. residents credit working remotely as their reason for moving. Popular cities for remote work include San Antonio, Jacksonville, and Tucson.

Moving houses can be overwhelming when a lot needs to be done. From organizing movers to packing boxes, there is always something to be done, especially if you’re moving across the country. A few extra factors must be considered when moving states, like whether you are shipping your car or driving.

If this is your situation, keep reading this car shipping guide. Here are five essential things to know about using transportation services to ship your vehicle.

1. Do Your Research

Not all shipping companies are made equal, so research is essential before deciding on a company. Check their online reviews, see if their services match your requirements, and review any extra benefits like GPS tracking. You also want to ensure they’re appropriately licensed and insured.

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If you’re shipping a high-end vehicle, enquire with the shipping company about what precautions they take when shipping a luxury car. Some companies will offer additional service add-ons like drip pans and car covers.

2. Open or Enclosed Trailer

When shipping your car to another state, you must decide between an open trailer and an enclosed one. Each has its benefits which you need to weigh depending on your circumstances.

For example, an open trailer may be more cost-effective, but your vehicle is exposed to the elements. An enclosed trailer, on the other hand, will cost more but will offer your vehicle more protection.

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3. Understand the Process

Once you’ve chosen a shipping company, ensure you understand their specific shipping process. Not all companies will have the same procedures, so to save yourself stress, check with your company directly to save yourself some stress.

For example, you want to enquire whether you need to bring the car to them or if they will collect it. You also want to know what to do once your vehicle reaches its destination.

4. Remove Valuables

When shipping your car, removing all valuables and belongings from the vehicle is essential so nothing can get stolen during transit. Additionally, if you load up the car with moving boxes, you could exceed the car’s weight limit, which is typically 400 pounds. Your chosen company’s website on auto transport services will give you more information on weight limits and other guidelines.

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5. Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

Finally, before shipping your car, you want to prepare it for the journey ahead. These are some steps you can take to prepare your vehicle for transport:

  • Clean the car interior and exterior
  • Remove valuables
  • Take photos and video of the vehicle (in case of insurance claims)
  • Record your car’s mileage
  • Lock the car doors

Make Shipping Your Car a Breeze

Don’t stress yourself more than you need to when moving to a new city. Take the time to plan your move correctly. Research shipping companies, ensure you know the drop-off and collection procedures, decide between an open or enclosed trailer, and prepare your car for shipping.

If you need help shipping your car, contact us today and see how we can assist. We make it our business to take care of your prized possession.