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3 Fun and Interactive Squishmallows for Kids We Loved

Squishmallows are an adorable plush toy from the guys over at Squishable who basically made pillows you can hug, love and squeeze to your heart’s content without anyone judging you for it! So far, Squishmallows come in three different varieties – Regular, Boy and Girl – that cost $29.99 each, although there are Rising Star versions that are limited edition with unique designs and they cost an extra $10 to buy.

We recently got our hands on three different Squishmallows, toys that come to life when they’re hugged. They are so much fun; I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

Squishmallows at Ryft make your kids’ time more fun, and they’re great for sensory play too!

1) Jenny the Cow

Every day, as a parent, I spend so much time searching for toys that are engaging and interactive. I want something that will excite my children’s creativity while still being safe. When we received a package of these squishy cows in the mail, they immediately became our children’s favorite toy to play with! They’re designed with kids in mind and the company says they have no sharp edges or anything that could damage furniture. They are made with phthalates-free materials (they even have a video about their process on their website) which makes me happy knowing my kids can go hog wild without worrying about any potential harm. These quirky spheres come in six different colors: green, pink, blue, orange, yellow, and purple – so we’ve never lacked for variety!

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2) Baby Yoda

Once you’re done playing around with your toy, pop it back into its handy packaging and stick it in your pocket or bag to take it on the go. The Yoda Squmashmallow also has a cool keychain on top, which makes him perfect to carry around with you everywhere! With this awesome toy, squishing becomes less of a lonely activity!  It’s so much more fun when you can do it together! And it doubles as an excellent pillow for those long trips. If the kid-in-the-back is getting too cranky, just hand them one of these guys and they will be good for hours. He comes in two sizes so pick whichever one is right for you.

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3) Grey Easter Bunny

The next of our squishmallow bunch is the grey Easter bunny.  He’s a little bigger than the other two, but not too much bigger. He has been my favorite so far. I just like how he’s kind of cuddly and soft to hold, while still being sturdy enough to give him a good squeeze without worrying that he’ll rip or tear apart. Plus, he’s got these adorable floppy ears that make him even cuter!

The tail on his behind is also long, which in my opinion adds a really nice detail to him. He has an adorable face with floppy bunny ears and cute button eyes. All in all, he’s just so cute that you have to love him!

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4) Red & White Halloween Cat

Our next squishy is my second favorite! His name is Pumpkin, but I like to call him Red because of his brilliant red body and white paws. This little guy was honestly one of my favorites until we got our wolf squishy last week (I’ll get more into that later). I mean…you can’t go wrong with some orange fur on a creature. But what really makes me love Red is how soft he feels when you squeeze him!