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10 Bad Fashion Trends We’re Never Going to Miss

The U.S. fashion industry is currently worth nearly 370 billion dollars. It needs to support whatever clothing trends are popular at any given moment, after all.

But, not all fashion trends work out, and some are simply the worst. Read on to find out about the worst bad fashion trends in history.

1. Low-Rise Jeans

The early 2000s were chock full of the worst fashion trends, and low-rise jeans were no exception. These jeans only look good on people with the flattest of stomachs, which also makes it one of the most unhealthy fashion trends. Plus, it’s almost impossible to pair these jeans with a shirt and have everything look symmetrical.

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And, you’re always risking exposing yourself when you wear these jeans. You’ll constantly be worried about what shows every time you bend over.

2. Layered Polo Shirt

A certain era of frat guy committed to the popped collar so much that they would layer their polo shirts in order to pop multiple collars at once. They might have thought this looked cool at the time, but in retrospect, it’s just a way to have to do laundry more quickly.

3. Hankerchief Shirts

These shirts can look okay on a particular person, but the backless version of these shirts means it’s almost impossible to wear a bra with them. That’s a problem for people who have larger chests and struggle with back pain.

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To pair with your more fashion-friendly shirt, look into the best bra for back pain.

4. Leggings and Skirts

There are lots of fashionable ways to wear skirts without showing more of your legs than you’re comfortable with, but layering your skirts with brightly colored leggings in random lengths isn’t one of them. Various patterns aren’t a great look either.

Instead, why not go with socks or stockings under your skirts? If you must wear leggings, stick with ones in a solid color that go all the way to your feet. That way, they won’t clash, and they won’t cut your legs off in a way that makes you look shorter.

Many people back in the day also paired this look with ugg boots; another fashion don’t.

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5. Legwarmers

Unless you’re a dancer, there are no good reasons to wear legwarmers. They’re one of the top weird trends in fashion to ever make it big.

Many people paired these with other athleisure accessories, too, like sweatbands or unitards. There are lots of ways to make athleisure work as streetwear, but legwarmers just aren’t one of them.

Socks, leggings, or pants are a much more fashionable way to keep your legs nice and warm during cold weather.

Now that you know these worst bad fashion trends, you’ll be able to avoid falling into the same traps.

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